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Frequently Asked Questions Gas Cylinders

1. How do you store gas cylinders with care?

When storing CNG cylinders it is important to always use approved cylinder storage cages with restricted access to trained individuals. They must be labelled clearly to mark their hazards and should be separated according to the gas that they hold. When not in use they should always be stored upright and kept aside from full ones, and should, under no circumstances, be stored near LPG cylinders.

2. How do you transport CNG cylinders safely?
Containers must be properly secured during transport to ensure that they do not move around. Wherever CNG cylinders are being transported, the vehicle should always be outfitted with a 2kg fire-extinguisher. Vehicles should also either be open, or very well ventilated as well, in case there is a leak.

3. How do you handle gas cylinders properly?
Cylinders should only ever be filled by a reputable gas supplier. Under no circumstances should you attempt to fill one container up with another one. Protective gear should also be donned when handling them, just in case, and cylinders should always be handled with care, ensuring that they are not thrown, dropped or bumped around. If you would like to learn more about gas cylinders, contact Steam Generation today.