Steam Generation Africa (Pty) Ltd together with our world renown partners, design, manufacture, install, maintain and supply spare parts for coal, oil, gas, biomass, heat recovery and immersed element steam boilers with steam outputs ranging from 50Kg/hour to 40 000Kg/hour. We have become a leading supplier to both local and Southern African markets.

The company continues to gear itself to sell and service a comprehensive range of Thermal, Non Renewable and Renewable energy solutions.

Exclusive Distribution:
Cochran Ltd (Annan, Scotland UK – 138 years of knowledge, Experience and quality)
  • South Africa
  • Namibia
  • Mozambique
  • Zimbabwe
  • Zambia
  • Botswana
  • Mauritius
  • Seychelles
Providers of the full range of Cochran products and Spares such as:
  • Coalmaster, Natural Gas, Light Oil and Heavy Fuel Oil Steam & Hot Water boilers
  • Heat Recovery boilers
  • Biomass
Resellers and Post Sales Service Providers:
  • Autoflame Combustion Control System
  • Burners:
    • Cochran
    • Limpsfield
    • Weishaupt
    • Riello
  • Cyclotherm Boiler range and Autoclaves
  • Comprehensive range of industry related spare parts.
Sales Partnership:

With specialists in the field of Green Energy Generation from Biomass VYNCKE Biomass Co-Generation Solutions (100 years of knowledge, experience and quality) to Wind power for small local village and town requirement with XANT Wind Power.

All the products we sell are supported by a professional team offering its client base a range of cost effective installations, after-sales services, repairs, maintenance, spare parts and statutory inspections.

Steam Generation has experienced and qualified team to do your steam reticulation, hot water and Gas Line design, pipework, maintenance and surveys.

We have in our employment two registered “Gas Practitioners” to ensure regulator natural gas reticulations.



Civilization begun since man succeeded in creating and controlling fire, therefore producing heat.

Vision Statement:



Things we care about:
  • People
  • Professionalism
  • High Standards
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Honesty
  • Energy cost savings
  • Client Relationships
What gives Steam Generation Africa the edge?

Steam Generation is currently a BBBEE level two value adding supplier with 51% black ownership.

Steam Generation has a highly qualified and experienced management team that delivers the best the industry can offer.

Elmar Claase (Operations Manager) is responsible for the company’s operations, he is backed by Trinity du Bruyn (Installation Manager), and Thinus Reyneke (Service Manager) collectively the team has in excess of 50 years experience in all aspects of Steam Generation and are well known within the industry.

Management with its experience in the full range of boilers (Coal, Gas, Heavy & Light Oil Fired) in the South African and African market is able to implement tried and tested business solutions which facilitates low cost of ownership to its qualified customer base.

The staff employed is highly skilled, motivated and self starting individuals with the desire to achieve the ultimate in sales & services.

Steam Generation provides sustainable, professional engineering solutions, in water conservation and energy efficiency, incorporating upfront, financial, return of investment calculations.

Steam Generation offers BOILER OPERATOR TRAINING for Oil, Gas and Coal fired boilers and MANAGERS BOILER EFFICIENCY TRAINING.

As specialists in boiler technology Steam Generation is actively engaged in every aspect of heat generation services include:

Steam, Gas & Hot Water Reticulation:

Steam & Hot Water – Our team of experts are constantly upgrading and re-designing existing plants to give the client an optimum heat supply from the boiler to process plant, in today’s climate of ever increasing fuel costs, and necessity to minimize costs to remain competitive in their respective markets, Steam Generation embraces this and endeavors to deliver the best cost saving solution possible.

Steam Generation is a member of The South African Gas Association (SAGA) and has three (3) certified “Natural Gas” gas practitioners (SAQCC Registration no: 2242, 5382 & 4030 ) which allows the company to tender for Natural Gas Line Installations and to be able to issue Certificate of Compliance directly to clients.

A gas practitioner is an authorised person registered with SAGA and licensed via the South African Qualifications and Certifications Committee for Gas (SAQCC-Gas) to conduct work in industrial levels such as:
  • Design
  • Maintenance
  • Construction
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Instrumentation
  • Inspection
Service contracts:

Production delays aggravated by poor service planning are both costly and frustrating. Steam Generation endeavors to provide an efficient service for our customers. Service contract are offered to clients all over South Africa to allow our customers to do what they are good at and not have to worry about the heart of their production generating steam or hot water – that’s our job.

Statutory Inspections:

Together with our third party Authorised Inspection Authority in terms of the Occupational Safety Act 85 of 1993, as amended 1998, we have been involved in carry out statutory inspections of boilers, pressure vessels, oxygen tanks, cooking pots, heat exchangers, steam and gas reticulations.


Repairs and reconditioning of equipment is sometimes necessary, we have been part of repair projects all over Southern Africa from fire and water tube boilers, autoclaves, calorifiers and numerous other equipment.

Boiler Conversions:

Our team is always actively converting burners to suit the energy requirements of our clients, with the cost of energy today our clients are constantly looking for the cheapest and most efficient fuel/s.

Steam Generation is involved in numerous coal to gas fired boiler conversions with astounding success.


Lagging and cladding of boilers, vessels, pots, steam and hot water lines.

Water Treatment:

Supply and Installation of water treatment plants to suite individual requirements.

Ancillary Equipment and Spare Parts

A full range of tanks, pumps, motors, electrical parts, valves, fittings, control equipment, steam traps, PRV’s, safety valves, boiler tubes, gaskets, packing, refractory material, laggings and many other items is maintained to ensure availability for our customers.

Reconditioning and Hire

We buy and rebuild used boilers. A rebuilt boiler is guaranteed for 6 months, and many such boilers are in operation. Boilers are also available for hire to ensure continuity of production during emergency plant breakdowns and when boilers are off-range for preparation for routine government inspection.

Boiler House Installations in Containers – “Containerised Steam Plants”

There is an ever increasing demand for saving space and mobility in Africa, we are seeing this trend more and more and have been involved in installing boiler plants in containers through-out Africa.

  • Steam or Hot Water Boiler/s (size limitation to be expected)
  • Feedwater tank with Level Switch and Gauges
  • Fuel Tank with Level Switch and Gauges
  • Feedwater pump/s
  • Water Softener Plant
  • Complete Electrical Supply in the Container
  • Blowdown tank
  • 3CR12 Chimney stacks
  • Modified container to suit the operation and boiler/s
  • Interconnecting pipework
  • Pressure testing and certification by Authorised Inspection Authority in South Africa
  • Commissioned before leaving our workshop.
Automation of Autoclave Doors with high level safety features built-in:
  • PLC controlled.
  • Electronic safety features in place before opening door – zero pressure, dead man foot switch and mechanical door interlock.
  • Low maintenance and local parts used.
  • Protection of door seal and ring – consistent opening and closing movement
  • Programming of autoclave operations can also be done using PLC.
  • Program and notification when Statutory Inspections are due.
  • Can be fitted and installed on-site.

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MM_Mk8_Frame_and_animation6_001The Mk8 MM Controller is a Micro-Modulating system that offers comprehensive control over industrial and commercial boiler/burners.


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