Steam Generation works closely with world-renowned “Best of Breed” partners to provide a range of solutions to our clients. With our leading industrial boiler/steam generator manufacturers, we take a turnkey approach to offering services related to the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and supply of systems and spare parts for coal, oil, and gas boilers & steam generators to the African market.
We are also proud members of the SAB Thrive Private Equity Fund, and part of the ABinBev Group. These memberships demonstrate to our clients our dedication to quality, service excellence, reliability, and safety.

Leading Partners for Coal, Oil & Gas Boilers

Our manufacture partners of boilers & steam generators use only high quality materials and parts, sourced from leading brands in the international market.
These offers include boilers, parts and spares from Cochran UK, Limpsfield burners UK, Autoflame combustion control system UK and Certuss Steam Generators GmbH.

A Dedication to Service Excellence

Our team handles all facets of steam supply solutions for facilities for a range of different industries.
We design specialised steam solutions that account for the needs and challenges faced by clients to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness within the context of your facility.
In addition to this, we offer professional installation services for boilers and pipework with extensive experience in steam, natural gas, hot water, compressed air reticulation.
Our maintenance, inspection and repair services are second-to-none, and are designed to optimise your facility, minimise downtime, and ensure the longevity of your steam and hot water systems.
For facilities that require solutions that allow for more available space, or are in remote locations, we also offer containerised steam plants that allow for plug-and-play mobility.
Lastly, we provide our clients with a range of high-quality, reliable and cost effective spare parts and equipment that covers a full range of solutions. From pumps and motors to electrical parts, valves, fittings and control equipment.


All the products we sell are supported by a professional team offering its client base a range of cost-effective installations, after-sales services, repairs, maintenance, spare parts and statutory inspections.

Installation & Pipework

Steam Generation houses a team with over 50 years of experience in steam, natural gas, hot water and compressed air reticulation including design, pipework, maintenance and surveys. Our surveys have been carried out as far afield as Abu Dhabi (UAE).

Industrial Boiler Manufacturers

Ancillary Equipment and Spare Parts

A full range of tanks, pumps, motors, electrical parts, valves, fittings, control equipment, steam traps, PRV’s, safety valves, boiler tubes, gaskets, coal boiler links, packing, refractory and lagging material is maintained to ensure availability for our customers.

Industrial Boiler Manufacturers

Containerised Steam Plants

There is an ever-increasing demand for saving space and mobility in Africa, we are seeing this trend more and more and have been involved in installing boiler plants in containers through-out Africa.

Industrial Boiler Manufacturers

Maintenance Service,
Inspections and Repairs

Production delays aggravated by poor service planning are both costly and frustrating. Steam Generation endeavours to provide an efficient service for our customers through our preventative maintenance agreements.

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If you would like to know more about the offers provided by range of industrial boiler & steam generator manufacturers, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Steam Generation today, if you would like more details about who we are and what we do, feel free to continue browsing our website.