Why Servicing your Boiler Annually is Essential

July 31, 2018 12:55 pm

Whether being used for industrial, commercial or residential applications, hot water boilers provide a cost-effective and efficient means of regulating indoor temperatures in the environment in which they are set up. Though their hard work through the winter months, and the possibility of going unused when it is warm, means that they are liable to take damages over time, either from wear or weathering.

When this happens, it can have dire effects on your boilers functionality, can raise operation costs, and can even prove to be a health and safety hazard. So, to help you understand the importance of annual boiler services, here are some of the major concerns that regular maintenance can help prevent:

Maintenance enables safe use

Gas leaks and weak points on your boiler (which can be the result of simple ageing) can prove quite risky for individuals in households and workplaces where they are used. When gas leaks become a problem for your boiler, they release carbon monoxide into the air, which can be extremely toxic, even deadly, for those who are unfortunate enough to be exposed to the noxious gas. This is particularly worrying in second-hand boilers, which makes maintenance on these appliances a crucial task.

Cut costs on power bills

In order for your boiler to work efficiently, it needs to be serviced fairly regularly. Depending on its age and condition, this should happen at least a minimum of once a year. If your water boiler is not in an efficient condition, it will overcompensate, be less effective, but most importantly, it will chew through your electricity bills in no time.

Push back the need for expensive repairs

When components, valves and pipes on your boiler get damaged, leaks can lead to further, more severe damages to the boiler. Besides that, surrounding structures, furniture or appliances can also take water damage from a leaky boiler, which can lead to expensive repairs and replacements. Just one more good reason to ensure that you take boiler maintenance seriously.

Keeping insurance in check

An often-overlooked reason to keep your boiler properly and professionally serviced, is that by ensuring that your boiler is in good condition and safe to use, you are giving yourself peace of mind in that your insurance and warranty on the boiler is valid. Damages to your structures, appliances and goods that are the result of a neglected boiler will likely make claims a little difficult for you.

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So, stay on top of the condition, lifespan and functionality of your boiler, whether it is in your place of work or in your home. If you would like assistance with purchasing, repairing, installing, or maintaining hot water boilers for your home or business, contact Steam Generation Africa PTY (LTD), or visit our website for further details on our services.

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