A Discussion on Economizers

August 27, 2019 8:40 am

A Discussion on EconomizersLet’s be honest, saving energy in any form is a plus. Economizers is a device which is designed to help a machine or system be more energy efficient. Let’s discuss the function, how they work and the advantage of an economizer.

What is the function of an economizer?

In general, the function of economizers is to capture the heat waste from boiler stack gases and allow it to be transferred to the boiler feedwater. This allows the temperature of the boiler feedwater to raise which lowers the needed energy input which then reduces the firing rates needed for the rated boiler output.

How do economizers work?

The economizers components consist of an outside air damper, a return air damper, sensors, an electronic controller and a sheet metal frame. For the economizer to maintain the mixed air temperature as it’s set points, the economizer modulates exhaust air, return air and outside air dampers.

What’s the advantage of Economizers?

A major advantage of an economizer, it recovers heat of flue gases. Due to increase fuel prices, this puts pressure to increase boiler efficiency. The pressure can be minimized by using an economizer.

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