Boiler Plant Relocation

November 26, 2019 7:43 am

Detailed planning for any boiler plant recolation determines the success of the project.



Accurate drawings of the current and new location, to help engineers accommodate any necessary utilities and identify any potential problems.

Equipment database and identification

Make sure that all equipment information is added to an equipment spreadsheet or database. During the relocation, all of the components on the equipment should be clearly identified and documented by the relocation contractor.


Scheduling, evolution planning
A plan for a relocation project is the most important aspect of plant relocations. It must coordinate with manufacturing operations, developing the sequence and schedule for both the removal and relocation.


Testing and commissioning
Once the installation is complete. Establish the amount of plant engineering involvement with testing between the plant engineer and their manufacturing organisation early on in the project. Good communication, accurate documentation and clever planning will help to ensure a successful project.


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