How Boilers Can Improve Your Business

November 25, 2019 7:13 am Boilers Can Improve Your Business

Advantages and Disadvantages of Oil Boilers

Boilers are an important part of many industries in South Africa. Without boilers, these industries, including hospitals and universities, would not be able to function.

Oil boilers are very important as many households, particularly in Britain, use oil builders to heat up water which used for day to day functions such as showering.

The major differentiation between gas boilers and oil boilers is that oil is brought by truck and kept in a tank.

In some cases, the tank which the oil is stored in has to be hired which may increase the cost that you will have to spend to heat up your radiators.

With two types of oil boilers available, namely heat-only and combination condensing oil-fired boilers.

One benefit is that combination oil boilers are able to hold the hot water for a house, where gas boilers need to use that hot water right away.

Advantages Of Using Oil Boilers

Oil boilers, particularly in the use of oil, are very efficient in heating up water and as mentioned above, keep the water heated for a much longer time period.

In terms of cost and return, the oil will definitely give you the return on investment, as the oil lasts longer and oil boilers actually save more energy than it consumes.

Oil Boiler Suppliers are able to give you amazing prices and the quality of new boilers when it is time to change your oil boiler.

On top of this, the process of maintenance or acquiring a new system is very efficient and simple.

Another benefit is that there is a lot of oil to be shared, meaning that if you do eventually run out, you will be able to purchase new oil for your oil boiler in no time.

Disadvantages Of Using Oil Boilers

Oil boilers are efficient and are functional, the fact that you can purchase oil in abundance for your tanks makes life a lot more simpler.

However, the issue with oil, as with a lot of things, is that oil prices to change, sometimes for the better but often for the worse.

Oil prices can skyrocket and that leaves you in a place where you might not have budgeted for the rise in price.

The installation of oil boilers can sometimes be pricey depending on which system you want to buy as well as if there have been innovative improvements to boilers which hike the price up.

Steam Generation has been working on not only the innovation of oil boilers but also bringing down the price of the machine, installation and maintenance.

Oil boiler suppliers such as Steam Generation understand that as a business, money is time and time is money and so will do everything in their power to get you to be as efficient as possible.


Servicing is a big part of oil boilers because it needs to have maintenance done to it at least once a year.

The reason for this is that oil boilers control the flow of hot water through the house, this affects the rate of flow and therefore by making sure the boiler is running at optimum, your flow rate will be fine. If not, you could be running into problems.

Another issue is that oil does add to our growing air pollution rate, even though it is very reliable, it is adding to our environmental problem.

The Benefits Of A Smaller Industrial Boiler

Industrial boilers come in an army of sizes, however, where the thought that if something is bigger it will generate more power, is a widespread one, it is not necessarily true.

Small industrial boilers have their own benefits in terms of its uses. One is that obviously a smaller boiler will take up less room in an area.

If you are working in a smaller factory, then definitely consider using a smaller industrial boiler as it will save room for other activities.

If your business moves from one place to another, the ease of moving a small industrial boiler all help you as you will be using up less time, labour and effort to get the boilers from A to B.

A big plus is that small industrial boilers take less time in terms of starting up and being switched off. Efficiency is key in the modern world and these small boilers are most definitely made to be efficient.

Another benefit of this is that it will actually save you in terms of wastage as it will only use what it needs to, where bigger industrial boilers may take up to an hour to shut down, wasting resources, a smaller boiler will turn off in a much shorter time, saving energy and resources.

With all of this being said, small industrial boilers will, of course, begin to save you money, which can be used in other spaces in your business.

Who Benefits Most From Modular Gas Boiler Systems?

Boilers come in all shapes and sizes, with some having benefits in one way and others benefiting the industry in another way.

The important thing to note is that there is no such thing as a perfect boiler, whether it comes as a coal boiler or another type, every boiler has its ups and downs.

However, modular gas boilers do serve some benefit in specific industries.


Hospitals are places which need to be running at basically optimum throughout the day, virtually twenty-four seven.

Having said this, modular gas boilers help in that they provide the heating, sterilisation procedure as well as humidifying a space.

The reason why this is important is that at any time someone might need to go for an operation, is struggling to breathe or is suffering from cold sweats.

It is not to say that coal boilers or another kind of boiler will be less functional, rather modular gas boilers are more practical.


Universities are running at a level which sees many hundreds and thousands of students utilising energy at any given point of the day.

The morning is typically where students living on campus will use a lot of the energy and heat coming from a boiler.

If a boiler is not able to withstand this amount of use, beginning to slow down as the day continues, switching to a modular gas boiler may be more beneficial.


The brewing process and industry works continuously, manufacturing huge amounts of alcohol for consumption.

Therefore, choosing a boiler which will work at a high level throughout the brewing activity will save you time and money.

Enter modular gas boilers which can improve the efficiency of the process, while also saving space in your brewery.

Food Industry

Similarly to breweries, the food manufacturing process works almost continuously, using late sums of hot water in order to create the foods we know and love.

Although it is not a day in day out, having a modular gas boiler which can be turned off and on when needed will save money and will reduce the amount of waste.


Washing facilities such as laundromats are in need of a lot of hot water, and if it is a 24/7 business, even more, hot water to function.

Modular gas boilers are very functional as they are able to be switched on and off in a very short period, and are also able to heat up water at a good rate and will all your business to wash as many items as possible.


The textile manufacturing industry has very little opportunity in terms of wastage, time delay and low efficiency.

This industry needs to work at a high level and will need water, heated to certain temperatures. throughout the manufacturing process.

Modular gas boilers provide this time of service to this industry where temperatures as well as being turned on and off, will not affect the functionality of the system.

Importance Of Boiler Maintenance

Boiler maintenance picks no favourites as there will come a time where every single boiler needs to be maintained or repaired in some way.

The dream would be to have a boiler which works year-round with no hassles, unfortunately, that will stay a dream.

Depending on the industry and type of boiler, boiler maintenance is typically done once a year, which is not that inconvenient considering that some machinery has to be repaired a lot more than that.

Boiler repairs can cost a large sum of money depending on who you get to do fixes on your boilers.

Finding a supplier who is not just a coal boiler manufacturer but is also an installer and maintainer of the boilers they sell you, is a sure way to know you’re working with a reputable business.

Steam Generation is that business, providing manufacturing, supplying, installation and maintenance.

The better business you work with, the better the boiler repairs and the more efficient your business can be.

What To Look For In A Supplier

Commitment to Quality

A supplier who is obsessed with finding and/or creating the best products for your business is a good supplier to work with.

The thing is that a lot of suppliers may focus more on the pricing of their products, in some cases overcharging, over the quality of them.

Of course suppliers are a business and want to make a profit, however, if they are focused on finding the product which best suits your business needs, is providing top-notch quality, and won’t break your bank for their selfish gain, then you’re choosing well.

There’s no point in getting an oil boiler which is cheaper but the quality will leave you spending sums and sums of cash to fix it.

Mutual Cooperation

Working hand in hand with a supplier means that you will be able to explain to them your budget, the functionality of your workplace, and your vision in terms of how you want the efficiency to improve.

Purchasing industrial boilers which will work best for your business is way more effective than just purchasing any boiler. Remembering that large boilers are not always the best option in terms of how much space you have as well as how fast they start and stop.

Win-Win Opportunities

A company which is willing to put themselves in a position to do the work in developing a boiler which is functional to your industry, for the benefit of your business, is a reliable supplier.

If you’re able to work with your supplier, to find the best products for your business, and the supplier is willing to manufacture it or import it, then you have chosen a good supplier.

Steam Generation is a coal boiler manufacturer, among other boiler systems, and their goal is to improve your efficiency, which in turn improves your reliability.

Supplying to a whole host of African nations such as South Africa, Angola and Kenya, to name a few, Steam Generation understand that their mission is to help other business function at optimum.

Timely Supply of Parts

Receiving your products at the right time sounds easy enough, simply order it long before you need it. If you’re working with the right supplier then getting your product on time is most definitely an option. Unfortunately finding the right supplier can be more difficult than you think.

Suppliers might supply you with a product, but it may be of a low quality, which means that it will break sooner rather than later and will need to be replaced

Other suppliers may charge a lot of money for specific products and this will affect the money that you could be used for other parts of the business.

Contact Steam Generation For More Information

Steam Generation is a supplier and manufacturer of top of the range boilers, including industrial and oil-based boilers. Their goal is to ensure that you are getting the best out of your boilers, even helping to install and maintain them. Contact Steam Generation for more information.

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