How Exactly Does a Tank Gas Water Heater Works

March 12, 2019 9:28 am Steam Generation Capturell

Tank type gas water heaters differ from tankless ones in that they store water that they heat and store water for later use. They have many applications, from large-scale industrial processes to compact solutions that can be found in people’s homes. Understanding how yours works will help you take better care of it and use it as intended. So to help you with that, our industrial boiler manufacturers will give you a rundown on their anatomy and functions.

Making Use of Physics

These types of water heaters work off of a principle that we are all familiar with. Hot air rises.

Cold water is supplied to the bottom of the tank using a drip tube, in its densest state (when it is cold), that is where it stays. This is then heated with a gas burner, as it gets hotter it rises and is drawn up through a discharge pipe.

Supplying Cold Water

Cold water is supplied to the tank using a drip tube which is shorter than the hot water line. The supply of cold water is controlled through a shutoff valve, which must always be fastened before performing maintenance to the tank.

Discharging Hot Water

The hot water discharge is the bit that supplies various devices with stored hot water in the tank. It is longer to facilitate the rising of heat, whereby hot water can be stored in the tank for later use.

Heat, does however, naturally incur entropy, which means that it will cool on its own if a heat source is not constantly applied. This means that these tanks need to enact a solution that enables them to insulate heat.

To do this, they include what we call tank jackets which are made of steel and enclose the storage tank, which has been pressure tested, to reduce levels of heat loss in the tank; effectively making the water heater more energy efficient.

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