Maintenance Between Maintenance: Protecting your Oil Furnace

December 10, 2018 11:49 am

Maintenance Between Maintenance: Protecting your Oil FurnaceOil boilers, much like any other appliance in your factory, requires consistent maintenance if it is to work continuously. While maintenance tasks should always be conducted on regular intervals and always by a trusted and professional technician; there are a few things that you can do between maintenance intervals to ensure that your boiler is always in top condition. This is particularly helpful for industrial boilers, that operate under considerably tough circumstances.

Inspect Your Boiler Thoroughly and Regularly

Keep an eye out for signs of burning on the exterior of the boiler. Any soot present could be taken as a sign that your burner isn’t just burning oil; which is never a good sign. Take a look, too, at the chimney to see the colour of the smoke. If black columns of the stuff is rising, your oil might not be burning correctly.

Additionally, if the boiler is rattling, rumbling or making any unsettling signs, it could point to a need for repairs.

Keep it Clean and Clear

To prevent the spread of contaminants from burnt particles coming out of the boiler and lessening indoor air quality, it is a good idea to keep it cleaned. Turn it off (including the gas-line) and wait for it to cool. Now, use a vacuum-cleaner with a long, thin nozzle to remove excessive dirt from the boiler.

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Remember to change the boiler’s air filter as often as your user-manual tells you to. If you have animals in the vicinity, the fur that they leave behind might mean that you need to do this change more frequently than normal.

Contact Steam Generation for Details

If you would like professional assistance with the upkeep of your boiler, feel free to get into contact with a representative from Steam Generation today. Alternatively, take a look at our website for additional information on our offers and services.

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