Mobile Containerised Steam Plant

February 19, 2019 6:53 am

Containerised Steam Plant Unit

A Containerised Steam Plant unit can really streamline the relocation of your steam generator / boiler plant. Our trained team of professionals is skilled in building complete containerised steam plant units. Each unit is designed to specifications as a fully operational mobile steam generator / boiler house or container with a built-in fuel and water tank.

The unit leaves our factory as a portable container and once it reaches its destination it is painlessly and easily connected to the fuel, water and electricity supply. The end result is a fully Functioning unit that saves you time, money and effort. This method of a steam plant is becoming increasingly popular and we’ve found it to be especially useful for concrete curing. Opting for a containerised steam plant unit also removes the risk of damage to components of the boiler during the move.


Relocating a steam boiler plant comes with obstacles that can be simplified with the use of a containerised steam plant unit. In the past, a steam plant would have to be disassemble, moved and then reassembled at its new destination. The issue here is that the required team of experts may not be available at the other end, which adds to your cost massively. With a single containerised unit, you easily pick the unit up and set it down again once it’s been moved to your desired location. You’ll save manpower, equipment needed and money for a streamlined process. A containerised steam plant unit also ensures that your team generator / boiler plant and all its components arrive in the same pristine condition they left in.

Get in touch with Steam Generation today and our team of professional will get the job done right the first time round, we have over 50 years of experience and never leave a job undone.

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