The Benefits of Using Containerised Steam Plants

August 27, 2019 8:43 am

Containerised steam plants are getting more and more popular as time goes, and it is because of their numerous benefits that this is the case. They are particularly well suited to sites that have severe space limitations, a need for a certain degree of portability and those that operate under adverse weather conditions and as such, require a solution that is robust enough to withstand those conditions.


As with most things that come built into shipping containers, containerised steam plants are imbued with a certain level of portability when compared to standard coal, oil and gas burners which operate from a fixed position. Sure, you can’t just pick up the container and move it, specialised moving equipment will be required, but it is still doable.

Space Saving

The ability to save on site space is possibly one of the best benefits to using containerised steam plants since they come compacted within the container. In doing so they pose no obstructions to any other processes going on on-site, improving both safety and accessibility all-round. They can even be secured to prevent tampering, and can be stowed out of the way even when in use.

A Weatherproof Solution

Containerised steam plants offer additional protection from adverse weather conditions which may, overtime, result in rust or galvanic corrosion on other solutions. This is due to the fact that they are sheltered from the weather from within a container, making them ideal for use on outdoor sites such as those in the construction industry.

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