What Goes into Boiler Reconditioning?

April 16, 2019 2:18 pm

That old boiler in your factory works day in and day out and essentially, keeps the wheels of your business turning in its own way. Though as stalwart as they are, they do require a little refurbishment from time to time, which is why having an industrial boiler manufacturer recondition it for you, is likely a task you will need to complete at some point.

There is a lot to get done when you send your boiler in for reconditioning, let’s take a closer look:

Tubes, Casing and Insulation

Reconditioning takes an all-inclusive approach to refurbishing your boiler that goes beyond simple maintenance. It can be likened to a major service on a vehicle that keeps it running better, for longer. 

This means that many of the most crucial parts such as tubes, the casing and the insulation will be replaced or reapplied when restoring it.

Refractory Replacements

This material is found within the container and is used to retain the heat generated by the boiler. As part of the reconditioning process, the refractory is replaced so that the boiler suffers minimal heat-loss during operation. 

This not only makes them more efficient, but also more cost-effective since they will use up less power.

Burner Retrofits

Burner retrofits are all about increasing the efficiency of the boiler to ensure that savings can be made on operation costs. 

Linkage and valves that have become worn overtime are replaced to reduce their pressure fluctuations, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the boiler itself.

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