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Burner and Combustion Control Systems, How do they Work?

Let’s get right to the point, burner and combustion control systems are used to heat up many different types of processes, furnaces, boilers etc. The burner control or management systems job is primarily to shut down the process if deemed unsafe, constantly monitoring the process for any adverse readings.

The combustion control system controls the amount of air, water and fuel needs to flow into the boiler. A quality combustion control system should meticulously measure the amounts of air, water and fuel flowing through the system making sure that there are no abnormal readings.

Single Point System

The single point positioning system is the most common combustion control system when using oil or gas fired boilers. The single point system is safe and allows for a constant optimal air/fuel ratio. Single point systems should adjusted about twice a year to ensure its full functionality.

Parallel System

This is a low cost and uncomplicated system to install. Using a master pressure controller, it positions the air damper and fuel valves. The parallel positioning system can run for up to  a year without needing adjustment.

Full Metering Control

Like the parallel system the full metering control system has its own dedicated servo. The full metering system monitors the air and fuel flow resulting in a very efficient combustion system. The full metering control system auto corrects fuel pressure. When paired with a quality flow meter this system can run for several years before needing adjustment.

Burner Control Systems

Burner control systems need to be extremely reliable, they are used in so many different industries that safety is its main focus as well as customisability. The burner control system needs to ensure that the system is started up safely and needs to shut down the process as soon as it picks up any irregularities before it becomes a safety issue.

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The Mk8 MM Controller is a Micro-Modulating system that offers comprehensive control over industrial and commercial boiler/burners.