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Comprehensive Overview of Cochran Industrial Boilers: Leading the Way in Efficient and Reliable Energy Solutions

Cochran industrial boilers have long been a staple in the industrial sector and are known for their exceptional efficiency, reliability, and innovative design. With a legacy spanning over a century, Cochran has built a reputation for manufacturing high-quality industrial boilers catering to diverse industries, including food and beverage, chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, and power generation. This article delves into the extensive range of Cochran industrial boilers, highlighting their features, specifications, and the technological advancements that make them a preferred choice for industrial applications.

Cochran Industrial Boilers: An Overview

Cochran industrial boilers are designed to meet the varying needs of modern industries, providing robust and efficient solutions for steam and hot water generation. The company’s portfolio includes many boilers, each engineered to deliver optimal performance under demanding conditions. Here, we explore the different types of industrial boilers Cochran offers, as well as their unique features and specifications.

Types of Cochran Industrial Boilers

Fire Tube Boilers

Fire tube boilers are a cornerstone of Cochran’s product lineup. They are known for their durability and high efficiency. These boilers are designed for low- to medium-pressure applications and are ideal for industries requiring consistent steam production.

Key Models

  • ST23: This compact and efficient boiler is perfect for smaller installations. It provides reliable steam generation with a minimal footprint.
  • ST36: Known for its robust construction, the ST36 boiler is designed to handle higher capacities and pressures, making it suitable for larger industrial applications.
  • ST25: Offering a balance between size and capacity, the ST25 is a versatile option for medium-sized facilities.


  • High thermal efficiency due to optimised heat transfer surfaces.
  • Compact design, allowing for easy installation and maintenance.
  • Robust construction ensures longevity and reliable operation.
  • Advanced control systems for precise monitoring and adjustment.


  • Pressure range: 6 to 25 bar.
  • Steam capacity: 500 to 20,000 kg/hr.
  • Fuel options: Natural gas, oil, biomass.

Heat Recovery Boilers (ST95)

Cochran’s heat recovery boilers are designed to maximise energy efficiency by capturing waste heat from industrial processes and using it to generate steam or hot water. These industrial boilers are ideal for facilities looking to reduce their carbon footprint and operational costs.

Key Models

  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG): Optimised for use with gas turbines and other high-temperature processes.
  • Waste Heat Boilers: Suitable for capturing waste heat from various industrial processes, including chemical manufacturing and power generation.


  • High-efficiency heat recovery for reduced energy consumption.
  • Customisable design to fit specific process requirements.
  • Integration with existing systems for seamless operation.
  • Environmentally friendly, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Pressure range: 5 to 10 bar.
  • Steam capacity: 1,000 kg/hr >.
  • Fuel options: Natural gas, process waste heat.

Advanced Features and Technological Innovations

Cochran industrial boilers have various advanced features and innovations that enhance their performance, efficiency, and reliability. Some of the key technological advancements include:

  • Automated Control Systems: Cochran industrial boilers have state-of-the-art control systems that enable precise monitoring and control of boiler operations. These systems ensure optimal performance, safety, and efficiency by automatically adjusting key parameters based on real-time data.
  • High-Efficiency Burners: Incorporating high-efficiency burners ensures complete combustion, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. These burners are designed to operate with various fuels, providing flexibility and cost savings.
  • Integrated Safety Features: Safety is paramount in Cochran industrial boiler design. Features such as automatic shutdown mechanisms, pressure relief valves, and water level controls ensure safe and reliable operation under all conditions.
  • Modular Construction: Cochran’s modular boiler designs allow easy installation, maintenance, and scalability. This flexibility allows expansion of boiler capacity as needed without significant downtime or disruption.
  • Energy Recovery Systems: Many Cochran industrial boilers have energy recovery systems that capture and reuse waste heat, further enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Commitment to Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Cochran is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, as evidenced by its range of biomass boilers and heat recovery solutions. Cochran helps industries reduce their carbon footprint and comply with environmental regulations by using renewable fuels and capturing heat from waste.

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Cochran industrial boilers represent the pinnacle of engineering excellence and innovation in the field of industrial steam and hot water generation. 

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