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Manufactured in house industrial/commercial dual and single fuel burners. Limpsfield offer an extensive experience in commissioning and reducing O2 levels in combustion in firetube, watertube and furnace applications. The burner is designed to maximize efficiency and reduce fuel usage and the carbon footprint.

Limpsfield also engineer total boiler house solutions using 2D and 3D AutoCAD. Limpsfield will engineer a project to suit the requirements whether it is single fuel, dual fuel, multi fuel, change over on the fly between fuels or burning waste stream fuels. The industrial burners can be supplied as a low NOx burner for both gas and oils.

Lower your O2 emissions and increase your efficiency!

Limpsfield Burners are of an industrial forced draught design, suitable for alternative or simultaneous firing of gaseous and mineral fuel oils. The unique forced draught combustion design distributes the combustion air at the burner head so that combustion is maximized at all times ensuring that all fuel is burnt safely whilst maintaining stable combustion and flame geometry throughout the burner firing range, resulting in efficient combustion, excellent reliability and all the time, maximizing safety.

Limpsfield industrial burners are guaranteed with 3% O2 emissions when firing gas, while producing negligible CO, and with a maximized efficiency.

Limpsfield products are built by fully trained and certified technicians working to the international Quality Management System ISO9001:2008 for the design, manufacture and testing of gas and oil burners and associated valves, enclosures and housings.
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Steam Generation Africa / Energy Generation Africa is an official Tech Centre and Distributor of Limpsfield in 12 African countries excluding South Africa and Namibia of which we are resellers.


Steam Generation Africa / Energy Generation Africa are now in the unique position to supply world class, highly efficient, Low NOx boilers, burners and combustion control systems, the only company in Africa to claim “Best of Breed” steam generation with reduced carbon footprint



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